Music Musings

As mentioned in a previous post, I became fascinated by foreign music during my time at school. However, until very recently I was not aware of many artists to listen to. This can cause a problem because as a non-native it is often hard to find information about foreign singers because they don’t enter our music scene very much. This means that after a while, the songs that you do know can become boring and leave you disinterested with furthering your exploration of the foreign culture through its music production.

So, I have decided that each week I will bring you an artist and a different song from both Spanish and Italian. I will also try to include a song from a random language each week as this may ignite a passion for a new language and culture like music did for me.


Artist: La Oreja de Van Gogh

La Oreja de Van Gogh are a Spanish band. Their lyrics are often very poetic and are easy to listen to. I personally find that the band are very soothing even when their songs are hard hitting. Think Adele from Spain with slightly less impact. Don’t let this turn you off though as their songs are still very impactful. The band achieve this through their lyrics rather than their voices.


Featured song: Jueves.

This song is dedicated to all those affected by the Madrid terrorist attacks. It is set out as a love story and is very heart wrenching if you pay attention to the lyrics

Spanish Song: Ecos de Amor – Jesse & Joy

This song is by the Mexican siblings Jesse and Joy. There is an English version available however, I much prefer the Spanish version. Once again, this song is easy to listen to and shows a different side to Hispanic culture that we are used to through reggaeton.


Artist: Fedez

Fedez is an Italian rapper and singer. He has produced many good singles throughout his career.

Featured song: Magnifico ft. Francesca Michielin

Italian Song: Roma-Bangkok – Baby K

This song takes us away from the traditional view of Italian music as classical and operatic and provides a new perspective on the cultural output of the country.


Song: Au Revoir – Mark Forster ft, Sido

Despite its French title, this song is actually German. What I like about German music is that it always challenges my beliefs that German is an ugly and angry language. Whenever I listen to a German song, I am reminded that this isn’t true and it is more my own personal stigmatisation of the language based on past experiences.


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