Music Musings (28/07/2017)

In this weekly feature, I introduce you to foreign music.


Artist: Fangoria

Fangoria are a Spanish electropop group. Their career has spanned over 2 decades.

Featured song: A Quien Le Importa

If you pay attention to the lyrics of this song, you will notice the message is very uplifting. There is a new version of the song performed by many Spanish artists to celebrate World Pride in Madrid. It is worth watching it to see if there are any artists you would like to listen to in the future.

Spanish Song: Andas En Mi Cabeza – Chino y Nacho

This song is really upbeat and never fails to make me happy when I listen to it.


Artist: Emma

Emma is a pop singer who has so far sold over 1,200,000 singles.

Featured song: Io Di Te Non Ho Paura

This song is typical of Emma’s style. She starts off relatively calm and builds the song up to the chorus and then drops back down to the verse.

Italian Song: Domani 21 Aprile 2009 Artisti uniti per l’Abruzzo

This song was recorded for the victims of an earthquake which occurred in Italy. It will be useful to listen to this song and see if you like any of the artists who are featured.


Song: Despacito As Gaeilge

The youtube channel TG Lurgan covers many popular songs in Irish and they are very interesting to listen to. I highly recommend watching the majority of the videos on the channel.


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